Halong Islands

Quan Lan Island - Bai Tu Long Bay :


Quan Lan Island is situated in Van Don district, about 27 miles away from the northeast of Halong bay. Quan Lan island is the largest island ( 6 square miles) in Bai Tu Long Bay. The island is famous for long unspoiled white sand beach Minh Chau and green pine forest. Seafood as squid, butterfish, mackerel, sea cucumber, shrimp is so fresh so tourists can not only swim on the most beautiful beach in Halong bay but enjoy amazing seafood served by the local people.
Quan Lan island used to be an important port in Halong bay area so now you can see many relics of ancients port and ancients houses as Quan Lan Communal house built in the 18th century, Pagoda for Buddha, temple for God Lieu Hanh and Quan Lan Shrine.
With beautiful beach, fresh seafood, many historical relics and friendly people, why is not Quan Lan island is one of your travel destination when traveling Halong bay and Bai Tu Long bay.

How to get Quan Lan Island from Halong Bay ?

There are two ways to Quan Lan Island: Option 1: Take local boat from Hong Gai ( Halong city ) at 13.30 every day to Quan Lan island. It takes 4 hours to 5 hours by boat to Quan Lan Island from Halong city. Option 2: You drive to Cai Rong Port in Cai Long Town and then take speed boat to Quan Lan Island. It takes 1 hour by boat to Quan Lan Island from Cai Rong Port.

Cong Tay Island - Bai Tu Long Bay:


Cong Tay island is located in Bai Tu Long Bay beside the World Natural Heritage Site. It is about 25 miles away from Halong city and takes 30 minutes by speed boat to Cong Tay island from Hong Gai harbor.
Cong Tay island is one of the highlight destination in Bai Tu Long bay because of beautiful landscape of island, green forest and beautiful and quite beach.
Guest houses, restaurants and convenient port can meet the demands of the tourists when they would like to stay away from touristic areas.

How to get Cong Tay Island ?

It takes 30 minutes by speed boat or 90 minutes by local boat to Cong Tay Island from Hong Gai Port

Tuan Chau Island - Halong Bay :

Tuan Chau Island is located in the southwest of Halong bay , 2 miles from Bai Chay Beach. In 1998, the Tuan Chau company built the road ( 1 mile) connecting from the mainland to the island. The name “ Tuan Chau” originally comes from two words: “ Linh Tuan” ( Patrolman) and “ Tri Chau” ( District) because Tuan chau used to be one of the guard stations in Vietnam defense system in the feudal period.
Tuan Chau island covers 2 square miles with long beach and green pine forest. The weather of the island is cool all year around. Tuan Chau island is a good place for relaxing on the beach or enjoy some activities here such as Dolphin show, Water show, Motor racing , canoeing or Kayaking.
The Tuan Chau resort is 5 star resort in Halong bay with over 200 standard rooms which can meet the demands of tourists when you relax on this island.

How to get Tuan Chau Island?

You can take the bus to Tuan Chau island from Luong yen bus station, Gia Lam bus station or My Dinh Bus station in every 30 minute / per bus in Hanoi. It take almost 4 hours to reach Tuan Chau from Hanoi. It costs usd 7 to usd 10 / per tourists by bus.
Or you can take slow train if you love landscape of countryside. You can get the train at Long Bien Railway station at 5.00 Am every morning. It takes 6 hours to reach Halong city and then you take taxi to Tuan Chau island. It also costs usd 7/ per tourists.

Soi Sim Island:


Soi Sim island is located in the southwest of Halong bay, 6 miles away from Bai Chay Beach. This island is a beautiful and unspoiled island. The island is home to the special plant “ Sim in Vietnamese” (Rhodomyrtus tomentosa in English) so that is why the name of Island “ Soi Sim” comes out.
Soi Sim island covers an area of 8.7 ha with 2 low hills toweled by an ever-green forest. There is an amazing beach with white sand and transparent blue sea water . You can swim on the beach or can climb up to the top of the hills to enjoy the Halong bay overview and also enjoy the sunset falling down to Romantic Halong bay. There is a bar to meet the demand of tourists for some beer, wines, café or some juices.

How to get Soi Sim Island?

You can buy the boat and ticket from Bai Chay tourist wharf ( usd 18.00 included Sharing boat, Entrance ticket of Halong bay, Soisim beach and Sung Sot Cave ). Or you can book your overnight boat trip so you also can visit Soi Sim island.

Ngoc Vung Island:

Ngoc Vung Island
Ngoc Vung island (Luminescent Pearl Island) is situated in Van Don district , 21 miles away from Bai Chay Beach in Halong bay. The name “ Ngoc Vung” comes out because of the old story about the pearl of this island. The old story has that Ngoc Vung island was famous for plenty of pearl so that is why the coast of the island was brightened by the lights of the pearl.
With over 24 square miles, Ngoc Vung Island is famous for beautiful pure white sand beach( 1 mile long) and Van Xuan Mountain. Ngoc Vung Beach is one of the most beautiful beach in Halong bay. The local people live in fishing and pearl farming so you will have a great chance to see how the local taking care the cultural pearl from their pearl farm and also buying some Halong pearl for yourselves.

What to do in Ngoc Vung island?

You can have a great time to relax on the beach of Ngoc Vung island and enjoy the charming and peaceful atmosphere of the island. Tourists can enjoy amazing seafood served by the local people. The best way to discover this island by bicycle or tuk tuk. You can enjoy the daily lives of the friendly people on this island.
Homestay in Ngoc Vung island is also one of good choices if you prefer to enjoy the culture and daily lives of the local people.

How to get Ngoc Vung Island?

You can take the speed boat from Hong Gai harbor ( Halong city) or wooden boat from Cai Rong island to Ngoc Vung Island.

Titop Island - Halong Bay:


Titop island is located in the center of Halong bay, 4 miles away from Bai Chay Beach. The titop island is one of the amazing island with mountain and white sand beach. On 22 November, 1962, Ho Chi Minh President of Vietnam and Ti Top Soviet Union Astronaut visited this island , Ho Chi Minh would like to remind his trip with Ti Top so he decided to name the island as Ti Top island. On 27 June, 1997, on his returned trip to Halong bay , Ti Top was deeply moved , he wrote down to the book of the management of Halong bay : “ My many deepest thanks to destiny, which has brought me back to see this island and Halong bay”.

What to do on Ti Top Island ?

Titop island is the most attractive tourist place in Halong bay for all most of tourists and Photographers if they would like to get amazing pictures of Halong bay Overview and great time to relax on the beach.

How to get Ti Top island?

You can take a daily boat trip from Bai Chay beach with 6 hour itinerary including Ti Top island, Sung Sot cave . They will charge you usd 20.00 / per tourists.
Or you can take 2 day tours and overnight on board in Halong bay, Ti Top island will be included.

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