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Minh Chau Beach:

Minh Chau Beach is located in Quan Lan Island , Bai Tu Long Bay. This beach is famous for beautiful white sand! It is 15 km away from Quan Lan Island center. You can take Tuk Tuk to the beach from Quan Lan Island Center. Amazing trip with beautiful beach and lovely seafood at Minh Chau Beach! Highly recommended!

How to go to Minh Chau Beach , Quan Lan Island from Halong city ?

There are two options to Minh Chau Beach, Quan Lan Island: Option 1: Take local boat from Hong Gai ( Halong city ) at 13.30 every day to Quan Lan island. It takes 4 hours to 5 hours by boat to Quan Lan Island from Halong city. Option 2: You drive to Cai Rong Port in Cai Long Town and then take speed boat to Quan Lan Island. It takes 1 hour by boat to Quan Lan Island from Cai Rong Port.

Titop beach


Titop beach is the highlight beach in Halong bay. It is located in the center of New Seven Wonders ( 14 km away from Bai Chay Beach). It is the best place to enjoy the best view of Halong bay. You can swim or relax on the wonderful beach Titop with clean and transparent water or take 500 steps to the peak of Titop island to get the best pictures of Halong bay with beach and rocks from here.
Famous Vietnamese Leader Ho Chi Minh and Russian Astronaut Germane Ti Top came this beach in 1962 so Ho Chi Minh decided to rename the beach in to Ti Top Beach for the relationship between Vietnam and Russia.
At present, there are one bar on the beach opening from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm everyday. You can rend the kayaking, swimming suits from this island. The fresh water is available for tourists after swimming.

How to go to Ti Top Beach , Halong bay ?


You have to go to Bai Chay tourist Port and contact with staffs there to buy the tickets and sharing the tourist boat to Ti Top Island. It takes over one hours from Bai Chay beach to Ti Top Beach along the center of Halong bay.

Ba Trai Dao Beach


Ba Trai Dao Beach or Triple Peach Beach is located in the center of Lan Ha bay by Halong bay. It is 22 km away from Bai Chay Beach. The rocks look like three peaches so that is why the Halong bay People call them triple peaches.
This beach is one of the romantic beach in Halong bay area. It is great for swimming or do kayaking here.
The legend has it , Upon the time, There was a young fairy girl felt in love with the local fishman in Lan Ha Bay. The fairy girl would like to stay with the fishman forever so she stole three peaches from Heaven Garden for her lover to eat but the heaven king found out the truth and turned three peaches into the rocks and the fairy girls had to return to the heaven.

How to reach Ba Trai Dao beach, Lan Ha bay?


There are two options to go to Ba Trai Dao Beach:
Option 1: You rend the tourists boat from Cai Ba Island , it takes 30 minutes to get there.
Option 2: You can take tourist boat from Bai Chay Beach , Halong city . it takes at least two and half hours to reach Ba Trai Dao Beach in Lan Ha Bay.

Quan Lan Beach


Quan Lan Beach is located in Quan Lan Island, belongs to Bai Tu Long Bay and the gulf of Tonkin. Quan Lan Beach stretches toward East – West from Minh Chau beach to Quan Lan Communes. It is over 50 km away from Halong bay. Quan Lan white sand beach spans several kilometers with strong waves and deep blue sea.

How to get Quan Lan Beach , Quan Lan Island?


As Minh Chau Beach, you can travel the beach by two way : by bus and speed boat from Cai Rong Port or Speed boat from Halong city.

Ngoc Vung Beach


Ngoc Vung Beach is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt beach in Bai Tu Long Bay. It is over 30 km away from Halong city. The beach spans 3 km sandy beach with transparent blue sea water. Tourists can enjoy amazing swimming and very fresh seafood sold by the local fishermen.

Bai Chay Beach


Bai Chay Beach is one of the largest and beautiful beach in Halong bay. The beach is located by Halong city. The sandy beach spans over 500 m long and 100 m wide. There are thousands of tourists swimming here in the early morning or late afternoon in the summer time. You also have a great chance to buy some souvenirs from the Bai Chay night market. There are many local seafood restaurants along the beach with good price and fresh seafood.

How to get to Bai Chay Beach , Halong city from Hanoi?


There are many choices for you if you travel from Hanoi.
Option 1: You can get the local bus every 15 minute from Luong Yen Bus station or My Dinh Bus station in Hanoi. It will take 3 hour driving with cost around USD 10.00 to USD 15.00.
Option 2: you can get shuttle buses from Travel agencies in the old quarter in Hanoi every morning. It costs from usd 8.00 to usd 10.00 / per way.

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