Halong Caves

Ho Dong Tien - Halong Bay:

Ho Dong Tien Cave Halong BayHo Dong Tien Cave – Halong Bay (Fairy Lake Cave – Cave and Lake for Fairy Girls) is mixed between beautiful cave and charming lake in Halong bay Vietnam. It is not only famous of its beauty but also geological value and historical value. Entrance of Ho Dong Tien Cave is just right on sea level. Its one third gets flooded when it gets high tide. There are two rooms in the cave totally. It is too narrow in the first cave entrance for only one tourist to enter. The second chamber is so beautiful with amazing stalactites from the ceiling and stalagmites from the ground. This cave is home to some small animals living and the question - without - answer is why they can live here in the dark cave. Many lime-stone lofts hanging in the cave are the relics of halong bay geological history. The second cave heads to the charming lake surrounded by Karst mountains . The lake is great home to many endemic species of the bay. The second chamber of the cave leads to a lake surrounded by lime-stone mountains. The lake has a special ecological environment with many endemic species.

How to visit Ho Dong Tien Cave ?

You can take overnight cruise for 2 day tour in Halong bay with Pelican Cruise Halong , Victory Star Cruise Halong , Bhaya Cruise Halong , Auco Cruise Halong or Paradise Cruise Halong.
It is great to discover Ho Dong Tien Cave by Kayaking. You will have more chance to see all narrow corners of the cave and the lake in the late afternoon.

Hang Hanh Cave - Halong bay :

HHanh Cave Halong Bay
Hang Hanh Cave - Halong Bay  is just situated at the foot of Quang Hanh Karst Mountain , 20 km away from Bai Chay Beach. Hang Hanh Cave is famous for its beauty but also for its length ( Longest cave in Halong bay). The length of Hang Hanh cave is 1.300 meters and goes along the Quang Hanh Mountain. This cave is just visited in the low tide time because Hang Hanh cave is so low. This cave is only for tourists who love adventure. Please carry torches or flash lights to visit this cave and have to get out before high tide time. Highly commended for this cave: You should be guided by local guide when visiting Hang Hanh cave.
There are one temple inside the cave for 3 local virgin girls. The beauty of the cave made them forget the high tide time so they were stuck in the cave and dead. The local people felt sorry about them so they decided to build a temple for three virgin girls.

How to visit Hang Hanh Cave ?

You should take private cruise tour for this cave from Bai Chay Beach or Hong Gai Harbor. Any Cruise Company in Halong bay can help you if you would like to visit this cave.

Sung Sot Cave - Halong Bay:

Sung Sot Cave Halong Bay

Sung Sot Cave - Halong Bay or Surprising cave is located in the heart of Halong bay on Bo Hon Island. Sung Sot Cave is one of the most beautiful and widest caves in Halong Bay. After finishing 300 stone steps, it is the great time to discover the most amazing cave in Halong bay. Sung Sot Cave contains three chambers where you feel like you are in the heaven with plenty of Stalactites and Stalagmites.
The first chamber of Sung Sot Cave looks like Opera hall with great stage so you can stand there for the great pictures.
Follow the narrow alley, we can go to the second chamber. It is the great chamber with many stalactites and stalagmites shaped as happy Buddha, Angel, head of Lion, Money climbing to the tree, King. The last chamber is the most amazing chamber of Sung Sot Cave so that is why this chamber is named the royal garden and made the first French speak out “ Surprising Cave”.
Sung Sot cave covers 10.000 square meters ( 23.000 square feets ) With 500 meters ( 1640 feet) long and 30 meters ( 100 feet) high. Sung sot cave is the biggest cave in Halong bay now. You can get amazing pictures inside.

How to visit Sung Sot Cave?

All most overnight cruises in Halong bay will visit Sung Sot cave so you can book the overnight cruise for 2 day tour or 3 day tour in Halong bay , you will have a chance to see this cave. If you have not much time to overnight on  Halong bay Cruises, you can take one day boat tour . it will take at least 5 hours including visiting Sung Sot Cave , Ti Top Islands.

Bo Nau Cave - Halong Bay:

Bo Nau Cave Halong Bay

Bo Nau Cave – Halong Bay ( Pelican Cave) is situated on the south-west of Halong bay. It is about 13 km ( 8 miles) away from Bai Chay Beach, 3 km ( 2 miles) away from Trong Mai Islets.
The story has that, This cave was home to many Pelican ( in Vietnamese: “ Bo Nong” ) so the name of the cave Bo Nau came out.
The entrance to the cave is quite wide with the size of 7 meters ( 23 feet). There are so many stalactites falling down from the roof of the cave. Right to the entrance, you can see three rocks , they look like three fairy men playing chess. Bo Nau Cave covers 200 square meters ( 565 feet). The foundation of Bo Nau cave is quite flat with many stalagmites coming up in the different shapes and sizes.From the cave, you will have a great chance to enjoy Amazing Halong bay with unique views.

How to visit Bo Nau Cave?

You can add Bo Nau Cave to your daily boat trip itinerary but the boat company will charge you more for renting their boat with Bo Nau cave. The price for Entrance ticket to Bo Nau Cave is US $ 2.5 / per tourist.

Dau Go Cave - Halong Bay:

Dau Go Cave Halong Bay

Dau Go Cave - Halong bay is located on Dau Go Island. The entrance of the cave appears to be blue and shaped familiar to the Jelly Fish. After climbing over 90 stone steps , you will have a great chance to enjoy the beauty of Dau Go Cave. The roof of the cave is about 25 meters ( 80 feet)high. The stalactites look like the waterfall are falling down from the roof of the cave.
Dau Go cave contains three main chambers :
The first chamber is the place with fully natural light. This chamber is always used as opera house when Halong bay has festival or special event.
We have to walk through the narrow alley to the second chamber. This room is not so big but is the most beautiful room in this cave. You will have good chance to enjoy the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites with amazing shapes.
The third chamber of the cave is opened widely. You can leave your imagination surrounding the cave and then you can recognize the shapes of the stalactites and stalagmites as an ancient citadel, elephants, horses, tigers and men around. All of these make cave more amazing.
The name Dau Go Cave came from the story of Vietnam war against the Yuan-Mongolian invaders in the year of 1288. The Vietnamese Supreme Commander Tran Hung Dao ask his troops to prepare many ironwood stakes in this cave, to be planted on the bed of Bach Dang River for fighting against the Mongolian invaders. The remains of Wooden pieces found in the cave have named its present name.
If Thien Cung cave is monumental and modern , then Dau Go Cave is solemn and also grandiose. In the book “ Marvels of the World” published in France in 1938, Dau Go cave was called “Grotte des merveilles” ( the site of many marvels) by the author
The famous Vietnamese King Khai Dinh did visit Dau Go Cave in the year of 1917 and the cave made him surprising so he decided to erected an engraved stone stele about the beauty of Halong bay and Dau Go Cave.

How to visit Dau Go Cave?

You can take the daily boat trip to visit Dau Go cave with Thien Cung cave and the other landscapes around. It will take 4 hours for all oof your trip on boat. The entrance ticket for Dau Go Cave costs 50.000 vnd ( US $ 2.5 ) / per tourist.

Kim Quy Cave - Halong Bay:

Kim Quy Cave Halong BayKim Quy Cave – Halong Bay ( Golden tortoise cave) is located on Dam Nam islet, about 187 meters (583 feet) above sea level.
Kim Quy Cave covers 1000 square meters ( 3280 feet) with 100 meters ( 328 feet) long and 10 meters ( 32 feet) wide. The narrow alley leads to the center of the cave where a spring flows. The stalactites here look like snow hanging on the ceiling of Kim Quy Cave.
The names of the cave related to the Vietnamese legend about the Golden Tortoise: After helping Vietnamese King Le Loi in 15th century to fight against Ming Invader , The Golden Tortoise took back the magic sword of Le Loi and swam towards the sea. When arriving in Halong Bay, He met so many evil spirits and have to fight against them. After having defeated all of evils he was so exhausted so he searched for cave for a rest and then turned in to the rock.

How to visit Kim Quy Cave?

You can take one day tour with daily boat trip from Bai Chay Beach. If you would like to visit this cave you have to book the private boat for your Halong bay tours because all of sharing tours does not include Kim Quy Cave.
The Entrance Ticket for Kim Quy Cave is US $ 2.5 / per tourist.

Luon Cave - Halong bay:

Luon Cave Halong Bay Luon Cave – Halong Bay ( Lagoon cave) is located on Bo Hon Island , heart of Halong Bay , 14 km away from Bai Chay Beach ( 9 miles ). In front of Lagoon cave is Tortoise Islet and the sky gate is one the right. The cliffs of the stone stretch vertically out of the pure transparent water. With low tide, the wide entrance leads you to the cave. Just pass the beautiful entrance, you will enjoy amazing lagoon inside. This lagoon is surrounded by lime-stone island and tropical forest. You can see monkeys and many orchids flowers. You also many species in the lagoon as shrimp, fish, crab and cuttle-fish.

How to visit Luon Cave ?

For overnight cruise on Halong bay , all cruises include Luon Cave.
You can take bamboo boat paddled by the local people or visit Luon Cave by Kayaking.
For daily boat trip, you have to order and pay more for this cave if you would like to visit Luon Cave.

Me Cung Cave - Halong Bay:

Me Cung Cave Halong BayMe Cung Cave - Halong bay is located in the heart of Halong bay , 2 kms ( 1.2 miles) sounth-west of Ti Top Island , 15 km ( 10 miles) away from Bai Chay Beach. The entrance of Me Cung Cave looks like the roof of the house.
After passing a narrow entrance , just one person passes through at a time, many amazing partitions appear. There are many small and narrow chambers in Me Cung Cave but all of them are very refined and contain many beautiful stalactites and stalagmites shared beautiful forms.
Getting out of the cave, just climb up some more steps , you have great chance to enjoy over view of the lake below with blue water all year around. The lake is home to many species as fish, shrimb, octopuses, algae, see weed, and coral.
Me Cung cave has been recognized by international archaeologists as one of the vestiges of the pre-Ha Long new Stone Age culture about 7,000 and 10,000 years ago.
There are so many ancient trees casting long reflected on the water of the bay. They are home to many birds and animals.

How to visit Me Cung cave ?

Visiting Me Cung cave must be requested because all of overnight cruise tours do not include this cave. You can take private daily cruise tour to visit Me Cung cave. It will take at least 5 to 6 hours to reach this cave.

Tam Cung Cave - Halong Bay:

Tam Cung Cave Halong bayTam Cung Cave – Halong Bay ( Three Palace Cave) is located in the heart of Halong bay , 5 kilometers ( 3 miles) away from Sung Sot cave in the northeast , 15 kilometers ( 10 miles) away from Bai Chay Beach.
Tam Cung cave itself is divided into three chambers . After passing the stone cracks, you can enter to the first chamber. There are so many forms garnered from the rocky shapes.
You can hear the sound like music who is playing somewhere inside the cave. You can meet three Buddha statues representing prosperity, happiness and longevity looking down to the earth to take care the people. We continue to the second chamber. The bumpy alley leads you to a spring with fresh water all year around. In this chamber you feel like getting lost in the zoo with many shaped animals as lions, seals, even god of the sea
The last chamber gets so many incredible stone depictions. You can see stalactites and stalagmites looked like flowers, bamboos , stone curtains and sleeping elephants

How to visit Tam Cung Cave ?

You can take private daily cruise tour to visit Tam Cung cave. It will take at least 5 hours to reach this cave from Bai Chay Beach.

Trinh Nu Cave - Halong Bay:

Trinh Nu Cave Halong Bay

Trinh Nu Cave – Halong Bay ( Virgin Cave) is located on the rang of Bo Hon island , near by Sung Sot Cave, Dong Tien Lake and Luon Cave. It is about 15 kilometers ( 10 miles) away from Bai Chay Beach.
Trinh Nu cave is the house of all fishermen , but for couple , this cave is symbol of love and should take lover here one time.
When you come into cave , you can see a stone statues as a young girl who is lying with long hairs facing to the sea in a vain hope.
Nearby , there is the other cave named Trong cave ( Male cave) with stone statues of a man who is facing to Trinh Nu Cave.
Legend has it, In the fishing village in Halong bay, there was a beautiful and virgin girl who fell in love with the poor fisherman. In her village, there was a rich man who would like to marry her but she did not agree so the rich man was angry to take her to the wild island where she suffered from hunger and exhaustion and one night she turned into stone . After returning home from fishing, the poor man heard about his lover’s case, the poor man decided to sail to find his lover. He spent many days to search many islands in Halong bay but he could not find out his lover. With exhaustion, he stayed on the beach of the island and saw his lover in the distance. He tried to call her but the wind took his calls away so he used stone to hit to the mountain cliffs to announce his lover. He kept hitting until blood flowed from his hands but his lover could not hear his call. Finally he dead and turned into stone so-called Hon Trong cave.

How to visit Trinh Nu cave?

This cave is very close to the Sung Sot cave so you can visit this cave as well.
Or you can take private boat for this cave. It will take 5 hours from Bai Chay Beach.

Thien Cung Cave - Halong Bay:

Thien Cung Cave Halong Bay

Thien Cung Cave – Halong bay ( Heaven Cave ) is located in the south west of Halong bay. 4 km away from Bai Chay Beach. Thien Cung Cave is coved by the think tropical forest. 130 lime-stone steps leads you to the entrance of the cave. Getting in the cave as we get lost in the heaven garden with plenty of stalactites and stalagmites shared as phoenix, lion kings, dragons, moneys climbing up to the coconut tree and fairy pond.
Getting out of the cave with the most scenery , you can enjoy Halong bay from Thien Cung Cave.
The legend has it, The dragon prince fell in love with the local Halong girl named May ( Cloud). Their great wedding lasted seven days and seven nights in the heart of Thien Cung Cave.
In honor of their wedding, dragons flew around the cave, elephants danced, snakes twined around the trees and two lions dances and a large elephant dressed and waited for the Dragon Prince and May.
The genies of the south and north stars also attended their wedding. The atmosphere of the wedding had been amazing and seemingly fossilized in Thien Cung Cave.
In the centre of the cave , there are four large pillars with the strange images of animals as birds, fishes, butterflies, flowers and people as well. The group of fairy girls also attended to dance and sing for their wedding.
The stalactites also turned into the curtain for their wedding. The Queen of the wind also came to play drum for the wedding.
End of the cave , you can see three small ponds of transparent water babbles year around. The legend has it, that this ponds were where May and Dragon Princess bathed their 100 children. The way to get out of the cave is the way Mrs. May took her 50 children to harvest new lands and she left one breast in the cave for her 50 children who stayed with their father – Dragon Princess.

How to visit Thien Cung Cave?

You can take the daily boat trip with four hours including visiting Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, Triple caves , Fishing Village in Ba Hang areas and landscapes around the bay.
The entrance ticket for Thien Cung Cave is 50.000 vnd ( US $ 2.5) / per tourist. You can buy from harbor or from in fond of Thien Cung Cave.

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