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Bai Tu Long Bay is located in the northeast of Vietnam by an amazing Halong bay. It covers the water areas of Halong city , Van Don Island and Cam Pha Township. Bai Tu Long bay shares the borders with Halong bay in the Southwest, Cam Pha in the west, Co To island in the northeast and the south pacific ocean in the east. Bai Tu Long Bay gets many large limeston islands and beautiful beaches.

Bai Tu Long Climate: Bai Tu Long bay owns two distinct seasons: hot, humid summer and cold, dry winters.The annual average temperature of Bai Tu Long Bay is from 15°C to 25°C; rainfall at 2,000 mm per year and the tide system at about 3.5-4m/day. Salinity of the bay ranges from 31 to 34.5 MT in the dry season and lower during the summer.

Bai Tu Long Bay Legend: Upon the time, the legend has it that Vietnam was attached by the hell invaders. The God decided to send the troops including the mother dragon and her babies to Halong bay Vietnam to help the Vietnamese to fight again the invaders. The dragon troop waited for the invaders moving to the center of the bay Halong, they immediately blew out myriad pearls to build up the high rock islands as a solid citadel to defeat the invaders and killed all of the invaders by their fire. After winning the invaders , the mom and baby dragons found down this area so beautiful so the did not want to come back to the heaven. Their decision of staying in Halong bay made the God so angry so the God turned all of them into the rocks. the land where mon stayed was called Halong Bay ,where the babies stayed is called Bai Tu Long Bay. the area where the dragon tails was called Bach Long Vi. Bai Tu Long bay gets many beautiful beaches as Co To Beach , Quan Lan Beach. The transparent water on these beaches will make you love to swim.
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The hundreds of islands and islets ascending from the sea make the Bai Tu Long Bay amazing. Bai Tu Long bay should be spent 2 days at least to discover all most landscapes here.
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Bai Tu Long national Park also make you surprise and is one of the most amazing stopover for tourists making a trip to Bai Tu Long bay. The national Park Bai Tu Long covers over 15 square miles ( the 15 miles long and 1 mile wide ) on the Island named Ba Mun. The Ba Mun island belongs to District of Van Don , 38 miles away from Bai Chay Beach Town. The long island serves as a solid breakwater, preserving peaceful life for the whole region. The island gets a thick primitive forest consisting of two vegetation layers. The primeval layer consists of rare and precious woods like ironwood, teakwood, and canary-wood, while the second layer includes valuable herbs like araliaceous bark and rhubarb plant. The primitive forest Ba Mun is the habitat of a variety of fauna. Spotted deer with their smooth fur are the most famous species. After showers when the weather turns fine, spotted deer often go to the forest edge to pick fresh buds that were washed by rainwater. The view from afar is excellent. Tourists can come to the Bai Tu Long National Park by car from Bai Chay Beach or more romantically by speedboat. After tours around Bai Tu Long bay, you will have good chance to relax on nice stilt-houses by the water offering a wide range of food and drink. Visitors can also travel to a fishing village at Minh Chau Island or drop in on Cai Lang, the oldest village in the island with its transparent water Nang Tien (Fairy) Well. People once said that the girls’ hair would grow longer and blacker if they used water from the well to wash it.

Things to do in Bai Tu Long Bay ?

Taking advantage of Bai Tu Long Bay’s attractions, many local travel companies offer tours to the Bai Tu Long Bay site. One of the best-selling tours are visiting to the Bai Tu Long National Park, a fishing village at Minh Chau Island, Cai Lang, Thong Thien Cave, Phat Co Island, and finally returns to the shore to call at Cua Ong Temple and Van Hoa Port. Tourists can also trek through thick forests to visit the ethnic minority groups (the Dao Do, the Tay, and the San Diu minorities) and enjoy authentic local dishes.

Bai Tu Long Bay is every bit as beautiful as its famous neighbour Halong Bay. Indeed, in some ways it’s more beautiful, since it has scarcely seen any tourist development. This has its positives and negatives. The bay is unpolluted and undeveloped, but there’s little tourism infrastructure. It’s pretty hard travelling around and staying here, and unless you speak Vietnamese, it’s difficult to get information Bai Tu Long area. Daily Charter boats can be arranged to Bai Tu Long Bay from Halong Bay; a boat suitable for 20 passengers costs US$20 per hour and the one-way journey takes about five hours. A cheaper alternative is to travel overland to Cua Ong pier, catch a public ferry to Van Don Island and visit the remote outlying islands by boat from Cai Rong pier.

The other choice for visitors to Bai Tu Long Bay is that you can order the Charter Halong Bay Cruises from Halong bay , it will be more romantic for spending one night sleeping on Bai Tu Long Bay.

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Dragon Pearl Cruise Halong bay with 2 days or 3 days

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