Three Vietnam Museums listed in Top 25 Museums - Asia by Tripadvisor

1. The War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City is Number "5":

The Informative War Remnants Museum will give tourists overviews of Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Although many of the exhibits are disturbing, it is important that the war is not forgotten. Informative and solemn reminder of the horrors of a war in modern history.
The War Remnants Museum

2. The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi is Number "6" :

The Amazing Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is built in 1997. It will give tourists all information of 54 ethnic minority groups in Vietnam. The tourists should visit this museums first before travel to Sapa Vietnam , Halong Bay Vietnam , Vietnam Adventure Tours or the other places in Vietnam. “Ethnology rebuilt, history comes to life.”
The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

3. The Vietnam Women's Museum in Hanoi is Number ''11":

No need to talk so much about Vietnamese Women , Tourists just visit the Vietnam Women's Museum. they will understand more Vietnamese ladies - Charming and Hard working! “worth visiting, touching stories”
The Vietnam Women's Museum
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