Squid Fishing on Halong bay

After enjoying dinner on Halong bay cruises, it is time for you to become a fishermen. It must be wonderful experience on your Halong bay tour. You will get a fishing rods and racquets from the crew so that you are ready for catching squid. The crew also prepare a sport light to attract squids coming. You just keep carm in 30 minutes and you can see so many squids coming up . You just move your fishhook slowly slowly to attract these squids to let them see your fishhook . These squids will catch your fishhook actively and then you just pick them up easily. So you can see how easy to catch squids on Halong bay? If you come in the right squid season, you can catch 3 kg to 4 kg of squids per night.
After catching quids, the crew will steam or fry them and let all of you enjoy with beers or wines for fun! It must be amazing time for all of you.

When to get squids on Halong bay ?

If you want to catch squids on Halong bay, it must be dark night without moon. If you see the moon , you have no chance to catch them.

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