Bai Tu Long Bay – A purely magical place

Visitors will be amazed with the emerald green water surrounding, the bird’s eyes view of stunning lime stone rock formation once you reach to the top of the island. This is the real place that can keep you distracted from the outside busy world. All your burdens and worries will be blocked out by those lime stone hills; again, all your tiredness will be washed away by the innocent blue water, and you may lose track of time when you free not only your eyesight but also your soul to enjoy the tranquil pace of life here.
Also, it’s not the mere beauty of the landscape that makes Bai Tu Long bay a tourist attraction; it is due to its ecological system that makes it worth a try. The combination of incredibly beautiful terrestrial landscapes and breathtakingly amazing aquatic sceneries will absolutely take its place in your travelling experiences. If you’re eager to learn about Vietnamese ecological richness, this place must be on the top of your choice. With 5 kinds of ecosystem, Bai Tu Long has a lot to offer you: rain/broad-leaf forest, limestone forest, littoral forest, coral area and shallow water area. Be prepared to get shocked!
Like Halong Bay, the most convenient way to discover the beauty of BaiTu Long bay is by cruise. Seaplane, on the other hand, is also a good choice for those who run out of time to visit the Bay or those who’s a real height lover. It promises to give you a cool adventure.
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Please get more views of Bai Tu Long bay from pictures below : 
Sunset on Bai Tu Long bay : 
Sunset on Bai Tu Long bay

Bai Tu Long Bay Landscape:  
Bai Tu Long Bay Lanscape

Fairy Cave on Bai Tu Long Bay : 
Fairy Cave on Bai Tu Long bay

Beach on Bai Tu Long bay : 
Beach On Bai Tu Long bay

Fishing on Bai Tu Long bay : 
Fishing on Bai Tu Long bay

Bamboo Boat on Bai Tu Long bay : 
Bamboo Boat on Bai Tu Long Bay

Kayaking on Bai Tu Long bay : 
Kayaking on Bai Tu Long bay

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